Fractal Cat // Box Era // March 4

Fractal Cat

Baltimore’s Fractal Cat writes and performs music influenced by the classic decades of rock ‘n’ roll, from Buddy Holly to Smokey Robinson to Syd Barrett. As a seven-piece cosmic rock ‘n’ roll band with horns and strings, or as an acoustic trio, the band combines multipart harmonies with lyrical themes combining social commentary and mysticism. The song “Tryptide,” from the album Lovingkind, was named by WTMD Radio’s Sam Sessa as one of the top 14 Baltimore songs of 2014. Fractal Cat recently completed its third album of all-original material. The Tower drops in early 2017.

Box Era
Box Era is a four-piece, electro-funk-pop jam band hailing from Frederick + College Park, Maryland.
From basement DIY shows to local bars and venues, Box Era is spreading their funky tunes around the DMV area. Their unique sound is a combination of new-tech and traditional musical elements, with a penchant for instrumental jam-band breakdowns and dance-friendly choruses. A small band with a big sound, Box Era is guaranteed to bring groovy vibes and good times to all.